Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Give us this day our daily bread...

There's been new meaning in this age old phrase as of late. For some reason, my human self has gotten yet another "blown away" moment from the Lord. And it's as simple as His provision for my "daily bread".

As of June 1st, I started my own business. What kind of business, you may be wondering... the kind of business that allows me to work out of my strengths and giftings. One that I never would have thought possible until a friend told me he could see me doing it. And here I am, nearly a year after I became licensed and insured... a person trainer!

5 mornings a week I get up at the crack of dawn, drive to Newport, and train some of the most wonderful women I've come across since moving here. They have children, spouses, clubs, groups, and friends galore. They also have some of the best stories to share about life, love and everything in between. And I've learned much from them, the biggest being to take life one day at a time and savor every moment, every memory. Because before I know it I'll be their age telling the stories of youth.

As I sat in my car after bootcamp on Monday morning, I went "wow, Lord, you're incredible. Thank you for these women and I pray a blessing over each of them." Just then, one of the gals knocked on my window, smiling from ear to ear and with a check in her hand. It was for that days class. And it hit me... "Give us THIS day our daily bread." He literally provides for me each day, from the home I share with a dear friend, the car I drive, right on down to the lunch I get to eat while at work on any given afternoon.

I don't know why that smiling face and check rocked my world so much, but God is in the details of life. Yes, He's in the 'big" stuff, but He's just as much in the "small" parts of my everyday. He knows my needs even when I am completely unaware.

And it hit me... "taste and see that the Lord is GOOD". He's everywhere. In everything. In all of my comings and my goings. He's my constant companion. The one I can trust and rely on above all else. He's faithful. He's good. He gives His love and blessings to me despite my rebellion, my questions, my prioritizing other things above him. He's gracious. He's kind. He's merciful. And HE PROVIDES for me exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine. He gives me THIS day my daily bread.

For all of this, I am astonished, blown away, and incredibly thankful.

Borrowed, but so good!

Today, I found this incredibly true, incredibly deep, and incredibly thought provoking post on Grace. God's grace. And how insane it can be sometimes. I just had to share...

"Grace is....

Grace is vulgar, offensive, and despicable. It is unfair. It shows no favorites, and respects no boundaries. It is by far the most hypocritical part of the Bible.

Grace is Samson, a man favored by God who slaughtered an army of 1000 men with a donkey’s jawbone and still (anointed as he was) gave into temptation and slept with that Siren, Delilah, who shaved his head and stole his strength. At the end of his life, disobedient to God, eyes gouged out, bald, and chained up in a dungeon, he called on God to be used one last time. And God answered.

Grace is Moses when he parts the Red Sea, leads his people out of Egypt, speaks directly to God, and personally delivers the Ten Commandments when in the first chapter of Exodus, he kills a man with his bare hands and buries him in the desert. And when he calls on God, God still answers.

Grace is the apostle Paul, previously known as Saul prior to preaching the gospel, a Biblical contracted killer hunting down and eliminating Christians for a living.

Grace is the woman at the well, and the prostitute who hid spies in her home,

Grace is me here and now, writing this, married and breathing after all the hearts I’ve bruised, the lies I’ve told, the brothers I’ve betrayed, the churches I’ve bashed, and the addictions I’ve let control me.

Grace is the Son of Man being nailed to a tree crying out, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

Grace is the thief on the cross who in the last moments of his life shouts to the Christ crucified along side him, “Don’t forget me.”

Grace is Christ’s reply to him: “On this day you will be with me in paradise.”

Praise God for His merciful kindness and His overwhelming Grace. He's taken the broken, the messed up, the 'failures" and looks at us and says: "My Grace is Sufficient.".


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