Saturday, November 5, 2011


This week, this month, this past year has been in such a constant state of change. If I'm learned one thing, I've learned a thousand. And this time in my life confirms over and over that every season, every tear, every heartache, every joy, everything on this earth is temporal.

It's temporal in the way people come and go in our lives. It's temporal in the ways we're involved in certain things and then suddenly not. It's temporal in our jobs, our interests, our friends, and even our own families. Life this side of heaven is forever changing.

And though everything changes and things are stripped away from us, it seems the Lord bring other people, other things to our lives to bless us and teach us some new lesson. For so much of my life I wasn't even open to meeting new people, and now, in this season, I've found my life bombarded by new faces, new friends, those who are quiestioning, curious about this thing called the Christian life. And I'm abundantly blessed by each and every one of them.

As I sat with two dear friends at a local Pub last night, eating a burger and catching up on life, I realized once again, that very moment would be here one moment and then suddenly gone. And I found myself thinking "cherish the moments, relish the memories for in a blink of an eye the tide will once again change and this very moment will be no more".


And temporal is the very reason why I feel the need to live each moment to it's fullest. For I won't be passing this way again and I need to be fully engaged in the here and now. For I'm not guaranteed tomorrow and tomorrow has enough worry of it's own. There's not anything I can do to change that reality. I've been given today and God has been gracious in providing me people, adventures, and abilities to be His hands and feet in the physical world.

So adventures - here I come! Memories to be made - places to see, people to love, and experiences to have. And the constant reminder that today is what I have and this season of singleness, this season of having an amazing roommate, this season of new friends, new jobs, new everything will last but a moment.... cherish them.